From Zero to Hero: How a Man with No Public Speaking Experience Transformed into a Confident and Competent Speaker Today (Case Study)

Here’s a huge problem- Some people have amazing ideas of all sorts that could possibly change the world.

BUT, they either don’t have the confidence to share it or don’t know what to do.

And I’ll tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why I want to show you how one self-improvement blogger utilized an underused technique to be a better speaker:

The Visualization Technique.

First and foremost, what is Visualization?

Visualization is painting a mental picture of anything, be it your dream body, dream profession or how you want your life to look like.

It is a powerful tool to achieve success in any area of your life.

Most especially in public speaking where you don’t know how your speeches will turn out.

One key to success is visualizing that you’re already successful.


Here’s how Joel Scott used The Visualization Technique to be a more confident and competent speaker


The first time Joel was asked to speak in public was for a company he used to work for.

He traveled around the country to teach about animal nutrition, but quickly realized one thing.

Speaking in public was not his strong suit, so he decided that he needed to improve if he was to keep his job.

At that moment, he set a goal to be proficient at public speaking.

“Sixty days. If I worked enough, I could easily achieve it.” He said.

As someone with zero experience, he didn’t know how he would achieve this goal!

Heck, he didn’t even know where to begin.

So what did Joel do?

He asked for advice.

Among the advice he was given were: Preparation, and Visualization.

If you had no experience with public speaking, would you take the Visualization advice seriously?

It’s literally imagining you’d be successful giving your speech.

Would you think imagining success actually helps?

First, let’s explore on what success looked like for him.

“At first success looked exactly like not making a fool of myself. Having already looked like a fool once I didn’t dare take the chance of doing it again.

I will say that the one thing that success never included was not having “butterflies” in my stomach.

I was always told that the feeling is unavoidable and I should embrace it rather than let it worry me.

Simply put, own it and let it fuel you instead of letting it control you.

Success to me was about looking confident.

Some say that the clothes make the man. I tend to disagree. The man makes the clothes.

I had thought about standing on stage, perfect posture, head held high, and looking as though I

owned the place I was in. And this is what I did.

The audience can read body language very easily and if you look like you don’t belong up there through your actions, the audience picks up on it and it makes your “performance” that much harder.

Success meant that I was going to feel relaxed, content, ready to take on the world, focused, happy, excited, and well, confident.

We are the way that we feel. If you go into anything (not just on stage) feeling down, you will almost always let it sabotage whatever it is you are doing.

Go into something feeling good and you will be more likely to crush whatever you are about to do.”


How was he going to measure success?

“Ha! Not falling flat on my face with a bad speech.

I wasn’t looking for a standing ovation or a raucous cheer after I was done.

All I wanted was to ensure that I was a little better than the last time I was on stage.

The proved to be invaluable as I learned that incremental and patient steps are the best way to success.

If I didn’t completely make a fool of myself on stage, I would’ve walked through life thinking that there was no room for improvement.

It was because I did make a fool of myself that I was able to see that work needed to be done.”


After applying the Visualization Technique, what happened after that?

“From there, success slowly manifested into something greater. It went from a two-minute flawless presentation to a five-minute presentation to as long as I could talk.

Visualization changed everything.

It gave my brain a thought…a desire to go after and it went after it.

As soon as I had something tangible in mind, nothing could stop me from achieving anything that I wanted.

Basically, it taught me to dream big.

Dream big and paint a mental picture of what you want.

Then get that picture out of your head and onto somewhere that allows you to look at it at least 3 times a day.”


What about the obstacles present while he was going after his goal?

“Just my own internal battles actually. While some days can be extremely encouraging, others, of course, can be the exact opposite and discouraging.

It is those discouraging days that will test your might.

As I continued to get better at speaking, it wouldn’t fail that every now and then I would have a mix up on stage.

I’d lose my train of thought or become a little flustered by a particular member of the crowd.”


How did visualization help you overcome your challenges?

“It was everything. When things got difficult, visualization gave me something to latch onto.

Visualization was always there to either keep me focussed or refocus me if I got off track.

If I was alone, one look up at my wall and I was back on track.

If I was on stage, a quick glance through my memories and I was back at it.

It was a constant reminder that the whatever I was doing was for a higher purpose than my own.

Visualization was and is critical to my life.

In my instance, it helped me look at the way I wanted to be on stage and the way I wanted to conduct myself on stage.

In effect, it gave me a blueprint of myself and because of it, I, with a lot of work, became a very efficient speaker.

Whatever you aim to do, visualize it first and then it magically happens.”



Remember, Joel started with zero experience.

If he can do it, so can you.

Paint a mental picture on how you want to be as a speaker.

It might be simple, but who knows?

Might just be the biggest indicator of your success.

Share in the comments how you would apply visualization in your life!


A big thank you to Joel Scott.

You may keep updated about him on his blog.

And feel free to download his new ebook: Mindset of a Champion.




Joel Scott Biography:

As Joel will tell you, he is a family man first and foremost. Everything that he does is for his wife and son. They keep him focused and moving forward. His purpose in life is to help as many people as possible and then when he thinks he’s helped everyone that he can, he’ll help a few more. He is an active real estate investor, personal development junkie, and comic book lover. He has spent a number of years turning all of his passions into avenues that will help him achieve his goals.


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    Was a real pleasure doing this with you. I look forward to your continued success and watching you grow both personally and professionally.

    Talk to you soon.

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