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Oftentimes, I hear brilliant ideas from different people.

From ideas that could change a small community to ideas that could redefine a whole industry.

But here’s the main problem.

The ones who come up with those ideas sometimes don’t know how to express the idea effectively to an audience.

So what happens?

Idea – Expression = No Action.

What does no action mean?

It means your dreams will only stay as dreams.

In order for an idea to come to life, we must first learn how to communicate it to the ones who will help turn it into a reality.

As a business student, it sucks to hear all these awesome ideas shared to me by fellow classmates but they just blow it off when it’s time to do a business pitch in front of potential investors and partners.

At Today I’m Changing, we believe that your ideas are worth expressing, so let us help you on how to communicate effectively whether you’re still starting out or have been speaking for a while.

There are certain things you need to do in order to build on or enhance your skills.