How Speaking Gives Purpose to My Life

Feels good, doesn’t it?

When you’re standing in front of a crowd passionately addressing your message.

Every second that you’re onstage, you have this huge-and at the same time risky- responsibility of changing people’s thoughts, beliefs, and behavior.

That is why some of the most well-known speakers can be controversial.

As long as you believe in something, there will always be at least one person who disagrees with what you believe in.

And sometimes, they aren’t afraid to confront you about it.

If you think that’s a bad thing, it’s not!

It means your ideas are relevant enough to fight for that others actually challenge it.

That gives you the opportunity express more on your thoughts and defend it.


As long as humanity exists, there will always be people trying to spread their ideas.

We’re social beings, and it’s a survival mechanism to want to be with our kind!

Imagine this.

You’ve decided to go on a solo trip in another country and today you find yourself on a train going from point A to point B.

The train is full of people you don’t know until you notice two people chatting in your language.

Immediately, your trust in those strangers increase because you have something in common.

You start trying to be near them, and maybe even strike up a conversation and ask them what’s up.

Which is why I want to tell you how public speaking is important to me because it helps me find individuals who have similar beliefs and goals in life.

In my case, it’s helping people be better versions of themselves, and for them to be better communicators.

I get so ecstatic when I know I’m giving value and joy in other people’s lives through public speaking.

Which is why I volunteered to be a host in one of the outreach programs that I’ve participated in.

On June 13, 2017, my friends from a personal effectiveness seminar, along with my sister and my high school friend, had a feeding program for the kids in an orphanage.

The goal was to feed 100 people, so the rest that weren’t from the orphanage were from the poorest areas outside.

We had games, dance numbers, and prizes given out before the feeding program itself so that it would fill their hearts with pleasant memories and not just their stomachs with food.

The popular Filipino party games were played such as “Hep Hep Hooray,” “Longest Voice, and “Pinoy Henyo.”

You can google those if you want to know the game mechanics. 😉

Moving on, during the program, I was able to interview some kids and ask about bits and pieces of their lives such as what their name was, their age, where they study and their favorite subject.

It was also easy for them to raise their hands and participate in everything in the program!

Such innocence and judgment-free environment and mindset makes me wish that it could be like that with the adults too!

After that, we ended with a closing prayer and then started the distribution of the packed meals, which was 1 piece of fried chicken with rice plus bottled water and flavored juice in a tetra pak.

Watching the children’s happy faces as they participated throughout the activities gives me hope that speakers can bring happiness and provide positive, lasting memories.

This is one of the many important reasons why speaking gives purpose to my life.

Seeing other people happy, and know that they’re getting value from my words.

Public speaking doesn’t always mean you have to speak at a conference, because it can be any size of a group that you’re able to influence and inspire to take action about the cause that you believe in.

For me, it’s a better world.

We should start with little steps, right?

Now, over to you.

How does speaking give you life purpose?

Share in the comments below!



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