If Your Self-Doubt is Stopping You from Getting On that Stage, Read this

So you just got booked as a guest speaker for an event that’s set to happen in two weeks!


As soon as you got off the phone with the event organizer, you start crafting your speech on the topic they invited you to speak about.

As you write your speech, you start to get a little cocky.

“Of course they’ll choose me! I’ve known this subject since forever and have enough experience to teach people about this stuff.”

So you write, write, write and finish the entire script in a day and a half.

You take the rest of the day off and decide to rehearse the following day.

Everything’s going great for you!

Time passes, and the event is getting closer and the two weeks have turned into four days left.

You’ve nearly mastered your presentation, and have a stellar power point to support it.

You rehearse your presentation in front of a trusted friend and he gives you positive feedback, so you’re even much more motivated now!

Fast forward to the day of the event, and you’re able to check out the venue and observe the audience and the speakers before you.

Then suddenly, as if all those practices were nothing… it hits you.

You think the other speakers were able to deliver better.

You think their power points had better design.

You think they were able to engage the audience more.

In a while, it will be you who will stand on that stage.

Oh no.

You suddenly panic and decide that this was a bad idea.

“What if people hate me?”

“I’ll be humiliated.”

“I want out!”


And then the host calls your name.

Is it Doomsday after that?

Nope. Not even close.

You owe it to yourself to have some peace of mind so read on the reasons below:


1. People Don’t Care About You as Much as You Think.

The only reason why you cared about the speakers and every detail of their presentation was because you’re in their shoes, too.

But think about the time when you attended a talk where you were only a regular member of the audience.

During that time, while the speaker was giving his speech, you never thought about the details.

Most of the time, you were thinking of yourself.

“I wonder what I’ll have for dinner.”

“I think I need to refill my glass.”

“The WiFi here sucks!”

Your audience is human, too.

It’s human to behave based on self-interest.

Of course they’ll listen to the presentation you worked so hard for, but don’t overthink it.

It’s not as scary as it seems, I promise.


2. Trust the Steps You Took to Arrive Where You Are Now.

You’re aware of every step you took before this moment.

You did your research, practiced and you’ve already succeeded in your head.

Now you have to trust what those days of rehearsal did to you.

Doubting only disrespects the amount of time and energy you exerted during your practice.

You’ve done your best, and the mere fact that you did all that for this presentation shows that you deserve it.


3. Don’t Lose an Opportunity for Something Temporary.

Self-Doubt will come and go.

Don’t allow it to cripple you when you know that you’ll sacrifice a big opportunity when you give in.

Your doubts are NOT your future, so you shouldn’t allow it to have an effect on your present.

When you give in, you’re risking regret.

Remember that you didn’t come this far only to come this far.



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