You Know the Key to a Great Presentation? You’ve Been Doing It All Along

When working out while looking at the mirror, you see an attractive and fit person staring right back.

You know you’ll get there. All the exercise sessions, dieting, and limited cheat days will pay off one day.

So you keep going.

Before learning a new song on a new instrument, you watch videos of your

favorite artists play that song.

You know that with enough practice, you’ll get there.

So you keep going.


You see new property listings online. Those new houses are beautiful.

You see yourself living in one of them, and how it’s like to park your brand

new sports car in that gorgeous garage.

You check your savings account.

You know that with enough discipline and better saving habits, you’ll be able

to buy a nice house.


So you keep going.


Did you notice something there?

Most of the things I mentioned are a few of most people’s top personal goals.

And what’s the first thing that we do when we see something that we want?

We imagine ourselves acquiring it.

We imagine ourselves mastering the skills needed and showing off our new

talent flawlessly.

We imagine living life the way we want to, and that’s what keeps us going.


By identifying all these, the key to presentation success isn’t really a secret.

It’s what most people have been doing all along regularly but forget when it’s

time to face a crowd or a group of people.


If it’s that easy, why do most people tend to not do it?

Aside from public speaking so nerve-wracking for most people, it’s also the

world’s number one fear.


Instead of focusing on the message and the audience, people focus on what

could go wrong. They focus on being rejected, and what others might think of



The consequence is that they’re not able to deliver the message the way they

exactly intended.


The Key to a Great Presentation is Visualization

Sometimes we underestimate what our minds are capable of.

The known phrase “Mind over matter” has had people from the worst kind of

conditions become insanely successful today.

And it can happen to you too.


Start by visualizing it.

You’re probably thinking, “Really? Just like that?”


But I don’t mean just once.

If you really want any goal bad enough, you think about it every day.

It’s what you think about when you wake up, what you think about after

having lunchbreak with your co-workers, and what you hope to dream of

when you sleep at night.

So visualize yourself walking up with confidence up there.

Visualize yourself winning every single person sitting in the room.

Speaking your heart out about your topic.

Speaking like you’ve already won every investor.

Speaking like you’ve impressed your boss and colleagues.

Speaking like your classmates have never seen you before.

Visualize. Visualize. Visualize.


It’s a proven technique used by world-famous individuals such as Tiger

Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jim Carrey.


Since being discovered from the Russians in the 1960s, it has presented

numerous benefits to people from all walks of life.


But how does it really work, you ask?

It starts in the subconscious.

When you constantly think of something, your mind gets used to that having

that thought around.

So, in subtle ways your actions and habits will change due to this new


In a way, you’re “reconstructing” your own reality.

Because of these changes in behavior, you will then attract more people,

resources and circumstances to get you where you want to be.

Your subconscious learns through repetition.


Let me share with you my father’s success story as an example.


He came from a province in one of the poorest areas in the Philippines.

His father was a farmer, and his mother, a public school teacher.

The wages in the Philippines are extremely low, so during hard times their

family of two parents and seven kids would only have rice and salt on the

table for food.

Though this was the reality of their family, he had bigger dreams.

So he continued his studies, sold street food for some money, and moved to

Manila (country’s capital) for college and got a job as a waiter to fund his

tuition and living expenses while there.

Aside from having financial problems, he also had a personal one.

A drinking problem.

For a few years his routine was go to work, go to school, drink, repeat.

But one night, the drunkest he’s ever been, he stared at the sky.

Asked himself, “Is this going to be my life forever?”

And that’s where he got insanely serious.

Visualize. Visualize. Visualize.

He would share the same thing in front of everybody.

I’ve heard it thousands of times.

Same thing. Never changing.

What he wanted for his life was his own business, a wife and children, and

most importantly a life of morality and compassion.

So he went for it.

A life of poverty and a drinking problem? Oh, please.

That can be changed.

While working for his goals, he never lost sight of his vision and focus.

His habits changed. His behavior changed. He got rid of everybody who was

bringing him down.

His was creating his new reality.

It wasn’t easy, but it certainly is possible.

In the present, he now runs multiple businesses, been married for more than

20 years to my mother, and have four children.


Imagine if he got stuck having the victim mentality.

He wouldn’t be the man he is today.

A lot of successful people wouldn’t be where they are today without that

simple technique.


What about you?

You know your dreams are worth it.

Don’t risk not making them happen just because you couldn’t visualize.

You can do it.

Your relationships, your career, and your confidence are all going to get better.

Run through your whole presentation in your head.

Run through what you want to happen after it as well.

Done it?


Now go out there. Do it. Kick some ass.


“Visualization is a muscle. It can be grown and strengthened, stretched and flexed. The reality is that we can teach our brains how to see more clearly and then we can teach them how to show.” – Sunni Brown



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About the Author:

Nicah Caramba is the founder of Today I'm Changing. She is an entrepreneur who is passionate about self-improvement, travel and Japanese food. She is constantly looking for ways to make progress daily to achieve personal growth that creates impact on others.


  1. Joel April 19, 2017 at 12:54 am - Reply


    Enjoyable as always. I can remember the very first time I spoke on stage. Butterflies and concern filled my mind and stomach. I did exactly as you said as I prepared for it. I visualized every aspect of my “performance” from the moment I got on stage, to each point delivery and finally to how I would feel after it was finished. The most amazing part of the whole thing was that because I trained myself and the emotions attached to this performance, I felt exactly as I had planned.

    Visualization does work.

    • Nicah Caramba April 20, 2017 at 8:38 am - Reply

      Hey, Joel! 🙂

      Yes, it does work! Most people underestimate what it can do to somebody. They don’t know that visualizing negatives will most probably bring about a negative performance. Same with the positives. I’m glad this technique actually worked wonders for you. I hope to see many more others to use it as well.

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