How to Instantly Increase Your Confidence at Home Before Leaving for Your Speech

Today’s the big day!

You’ve rehearsed, set everything up, and so ready to go!

You’ve visualized how you’re going to perform, analyzed the demographics of your audience, and the only thing left is for you to get there.

But there’s one important thing that some speakers overlook.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s their appearance.

Before you get in your car and drive to the event venue, take a look at your outfit.

Studies have shown that being well-dressed can improve your confidence in most situations.

It makes complete sense because if you’re well-dressed, you think you look good.

And when you think you look good, it affects your actions and how you approach your surroundings.

As speakers, you would want to leave a great impression on your audience, and confidence is an “inside” job, so increasing your perceived confidence through your outfit will increase your chances of leaving that impression.


But what are the rules of dressing up for a presentation?

After you’ve done your audience analysis, always remember to DRESS EQUALLY OR A NOTCH ABOVE THEM.

Let’s say you were at a business conference.

Everybody’s wearing a suit and tie or a cocktail dress.

Then it’s time for the speaker to show up and you see him wearing jeans and a very loose shirt and gives his talk.

I get that we should be focusing on his message rather than what he’s wearing, but LOOKS STILL MATTER.

Don’t be surprised if your first reaction would be to cringe.

This guy couldn’t even fix himself. Does he respect himself showing up to this event like this?

The least he could’ve done would wear something similar the audience members were wearing.

When you dress well, you’re seen as someone who is credible, and increase your chances of them believing you’re an expert in your topic.

Because you took the effort to look nice and fix yourself.

It’s not a substitute to a crappy presentation, but believe me it really enhances it.


The clothes you wear have an effect on your mind and your thought patterns.

With this information, why don’t you go and dress up like the confident speaker you already are?

Don’t forget to share brilliant clothing combinations on the comments below! 😉



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    first impressions last indeed. thanks for the article 🙂

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