A Greater Purpose: Combining Passion and Speaking

Concept: You, right now. Doing what you love the most, and changing other people’s lives while you do it.


Does it sound too good to be true?

It doesn’t have to be.

In fact, you can do it in little ways and make significant progress every step of the way.

Slowly, but surely.


Recently, I had the chance to speak in front of a new Rotary organization that I joined.

I felt honored to be part of this organization since I’ve read and heard about its humanitarian efforts.

But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t just now that I found out about them.

Let me tell you a little back story.

In 2007, I found out that my dad was a part of that organization, and of course, as an eleven-year-old that time, I didn’t care for these things.

You know how when we were little our parents just go to meetings and it was part of their usual routine?

Nothing out of the ordinary there.

It was only a little over two years ago that I started getting so curious on what Rotary really does.

So I did intensive research, followed them on their social media profiles, and even met with some of my dad’s Rotarian friends.

I was amazed with everything that I learned.

For me, Rotarians were little heroes in pursuit of the welfare of humanity.

Which is why I felt so honored to be a part of it.

It doesn’t matter how long a person has been in an organization, because as long as he/she is committed to working for progress, that’s all that matters.


So why did I join Rotary?

To be able to give back.

I’ve been given so much in this life, and it feels natural to me to give back to my community and my country.

Plus, it’s probably better having a solid community that supports you and enables you to meet like-minded individuals compared to working alone or temporary people.

For example, charity is one of my passions.

You could find me in school volunteering for disaster relief programs, and donating my things to those in need.

Sometimes I have the same set of friends who join me, and sometimes I don’t.

That kind of set-up isn’t sustainable because it relies on temporary volunteers, so you’re not sure who will be there or not be there the next time there’s a program.

More often than not, members in this organization stay for the long-haul.

So there’s a sense of fellowship within different members and clubs!

This bond gets strengthened over time because in a Rotary year, there are numerous projects, events, fundraising activities, conventions, etc. taking place.

So you really don’t go through this pro-humanitarian journey alone, and you’re able to create new memories with those around you.

Your projects can even revolve around your hobbies!

When my dad was President about a decade ago, he had some golf fundraising tournaments because that was what he enjoyed doing.

I don’t enjoy golf too much, so I won’t be going to any of the ones this year, haha.

Alongside that, I could speak about projects I want to implement such as building schools for the less fortunate, providing sustainable livelihood for them, and finding solutions to provide for their basic needs.

Typing this is already getting me excited, what more when I start speaking about it, right?



A moment like this is exciting to any speaker.

Think about your passions right now.

What ignites that spark inside you?

Think about what you would do for free forever, if you could.

What’s in your head the moment you wake up and before you fall asleep?


Helping people has always been one of my priorities.

If you haven’t had a chance to speak out on what makes you feel like your life purpose has been fulfilled, we can change that.

Or if you’re looking to improve to get your message out there, we can change that as well.


So tell me, what are YOUR passions?

Let me know in the comments below!


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