The Four Absolutes to Delivering a Memorable Message

NOTE: This is a Guest Post by Victor Figueroa.

Have you ever had an idea you wanted to spread but struggled to find the words to articulate your thoughts?

How about that message that you hoped to share but were too afraid to speak up?

Well, you’re not alone!

According to a study by Chapman University in 2014, public speaking is America’s leading phobia.

It’s quite understandable considering how much can go wrong.

After all, you’re in front of a mass of humanity trying to illustrate a new concept. (Sheesh)

I’ve certainly had my share of butterflies and can remember specific days when I grew weak in the knees.

Back in my military days we would have a daily brief to our commanding officer and would be expected to answer any and all questions regarding our operations.

Given the nature of our mission, not much could be overlooked so attention to detail was an absolute must that could not be compromised.

With that lingering over my head, a false step was not an option. The commanding officer was a marine colonel and one that had no patience for fluff or nonsense.

He asked specific questions and could quickly tell if you didn’t know your stuff.

The first couple times I presented my powerpoints were terrifying.

He had a piercing demeanor and scowling face that wasn't exactly welcoming. Now after sometime, I grew comfortable with this brief and acclimated to these conditions.

However, it wasn’t overnight, and it did take some practice.

During this time I discovered the 4 absolutes needed to captivate your audience and effectively relay your message!

1. Relax

Trying to relax is a bit of an oxymoron I know, but it’s an absolute must when speaking to a crowd.

The audience can feel tension if your nervous and it will show in your voice.

Take some time to calm down before getting in front of a group by taking deep breaths and realizing that you’re just over thinking it.

By taking a step back and understanding the situation for what it is, will allow you to get a grip of any emotions and nervousness that’s swirling in your mind.

Count backward from ten and release any unwanted energy in your exhales and prepare to kick ass!

2. Let your subconscious take over.

Let’s face it, your in front of these people because you’re great at what you do or the only one doing it.

Your awesome and the fact that you’re speaking to an audience represents not only intelligence but also expertise.

With this in mind, you can let your knowledge of the subject matter flow freely through you.

The value provided through your words will undoubtedly make up for any minute slip-ups.

In any case, you will be providing insightful information that will be much appreciated and not easily replicated.

Don’t psych yourself out instead let your experience take over.

3. Know your audience.

Before any public speaking gig, it’s best to do some homework on your audience.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than saying the wrong thing to the wrong crowd.

Knowing this will allow you to tailor your speaking style to suit the needs of the audience making everyone’s life easier in the process.

You’ll not only increase the effectiveness of the message but ensure that your crowd will have a firm grasp on the concepts you relay to them.

4. Feed off your audience.

Not everything can be planned, and this is particularly true when you throw a crowd into the mix.

A lot of preparation may take place before speaking, but a little impromptu joke or well-timed story can add depth and substance to your message.

By looking around and feeling the energy in the room, you can steer the crowd into the direction you desire by playing off their emotions.

Standup comics do this regularly by being spontaneous when given a chance.

Go as planned when speaking but don’t be afraid to stray from the beaten path when the opportunity presents itself.

With these 4 steps, you will be able to captivate your audience and deliver a memorable message in the process!


Do you have any additional tips or stories you’d like to share?

Share it in the comments below!


Victor Figueroa Biography:

Victor Figueroa is an E-Commerce business owner and founder of multiple websites. When he’s not nose deep into a good book you can find him writing on his latest business insights or searching for the next unicorn in the marketplace. His blog is primarily geared for up and coming entrepreneurs who are ready to take their productivity to the next level. Join him on the journey to health, wealth, and happiness at his website


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  1. Viviene July 6, 2017 at 6:29 am - Reply

    Knowing your audience is absolutely essential in preparing for your speech. I find it’s easier to connect with then if you know exactly the profile of your audience.

    Great tips here!

    • Nicah Caramba July 6, 2017 at 7:45 am - Reply

      Thanks so much Vivene! More posts similar to this will come in the future 🙂

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