On Facing Your Fears and Living Life to the Fullest

You know what?

I’m proud of you.

You want to know why?

If you aren’t already a great speaker, then you’re actually attempting to be one by being here today reading this!

You’re facing the number one fear in the world.

Yes, public speaking IS the number one fear in the word, even more than death!

So I request you to pat your shoulder for being courageous and continuously take bold risks to be able to spread knowledge to the people around you.

It’s not an easy feat talking to a group of people you’ve possibly never even met.

Each and every one of them have their own ideas and opinions about lots of different things in the world, and here you are doing that or even aspiring to do that!

When I speak in front of an audience, nervous as can be, there’s no doubt that it makes me feel alive!

Maybe there are times I find myself shaking, or having tunnel vision, and even having a panic attack on the spot, but nothing beats the joy in standing in front and having the opportunity to deliver an important message to an audience willing to listen.

If you’re still filled with fear, use it to your advantage.

Nervousness is not a bad thing!

Because it lets you know that what you’re talking about matters to you, and you can channel that energy into excitement!

Think about the last time you did something that scared you at first.

After doing it, didn’t you feel so much better that you did?

You’re no longer going to struggle with the “What ifs” because you’ve gone through that fear and learned from the experience.

Whatever your subject is, trust in your abilities.

But if you believe in yourself enough, you’ll get through any speaking obstacle.

I once attended a three-day personal effectiveness seminar in which I met new amazing friends and there were parts in the seminar where people were required to share their thoughts.

It wasn’t until the last day, when we were assigning people to give testimonials, that a man I never heard from, volunteered to speak during the seminar graduation.

I listened to his testimony closely, and then I learned that he was actually a professor that had a stutter problem.

Yet, he still chose to be a professor because he loved to educate young people and improved on his stutter problem.

Honestly I don’t think he even stuttered while giving the testimonial speech!


There are stories like his that happen every single day.


But that one thing in common still stands out.

We need to face our fears and just do it.

So own that stage you’re going to be standing on.

You only have one life to live.

Your best speech can happen in the next moment.

You’re awesome. You can do it.


How does facing your fear feel like?

Share your story below! 🙂


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