Don’t Stop Where You Are! Build Your Confidence Everyday!

Do you remember the time when you thought you had it all?

How about the time when you felt that you’ve given your best in a presentation?

That time when you passionately talked about your favorite topic felt empowering.

However, it’s been a while since those events took place.

You have pictures of those days on social media, and you miss it terribly.

If anybody asked you today to do something like that again, you’re uncertain with how you would respond.

Because you know you haven’t exactly been “practicing.”

All the moments you’ve felt super are so widely spread out, and you don’t have any specific measures of progress.

Which is why you’re right here.

You want to start producing consistent results.

How do you do that?

By finding and creating opportunities.

You don’t have to wait for another speaking engagement if you plan to increase your confidence.

Speaking is all about communicating your ideas with a desire to alter a person or a group’s former beliefs about a certain subject.

So don’t wait for the next conference, the next meeting, or the next group discussion.

Have the opportunity to book for another speaking engagement at an earlier time?

If you don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t, do it.

Initiate conversation with other people in your gym.

Lead the prayer before meal during your family dinner.

Confidence in public speaking should be built daily so you don’t lose your momentum.

Plus, you get to fail faster, but you also learn faster.

If you wait ‘til your next speaking engagement, which could be two months from now, it could delay your progress.

You’ll be failing slower, which would mean learning your lesson slower, and possibly even losing momentum.

So you’d have to start back to zero again.

Improving could be as simple as reading an article and then explaining to a family member or a friend what you understood from it.

We might not notice it at first, but it’s the little things and little habits we build that lead to our success.

Even when you’re by yourself you can build confidence!

You still have your thoughts with you.

If you’ve been giving yourself negative self-talk for a while now, switch it up and give yourself some love!

Look in the mirror, tell yourself how awesome you are, and go on with your day.

If you’re not the type to do that, you can write on a journal or maybe even a blog post on what you’ve learned.

Since we’re talking about sharing our lessons and all that, you can even TELL YOUR FRIENDS about what you’ve learned!

Through telling your friends what you’ve learned, you learn even more things.

You get the gist.

So here’s the challenge.

Commit to building your confidence each day.

Have a plan, but don’t be so rigid.

If an opportunity that’s out of the itinerary arises, don’t hesitate to go for it!

If you’re in public, strike up a conversation with the person next to you.

What matters is that you have a plan that’s going to take place either right now, or closest to that.

Good luck.


What new challenges have you set for yourself?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Nicah Caramba is the founder of Today I'm Changing. She is an entrepreneur who is passionate about self-improvement, travel and Japanese food. She is constantly looking for ways to make progress daily to achieve personal growth that creates impact on others.

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