How to Develop the Charismatic Speaking Ability that Influences Others

We all know that one guy who seems to have it all.

Everybody likes him, everybody respects him, and the room lights up when he walks in.

Don’t get me started on when he steps up on that stage.

His aura even intensifies.

And the way he captures everyone’s attention?

Almost entirely effortless.

You notice that whenever he talks to you, you’d always feel better about yourself.

It’s as if you can almost tell him everything about you and never feel judged because he’d always listen intently.

You want to be around this guy all the time, like everyone else does.

Heck, you actually want to be like this guy.

So you observe his actions and behavior.

Slowly, you start to adopt his ways.

You find yourself repeating his lines to the people you interact with daily.

You start to pick your outfits based on the way he would dress.

You do some stalking on his social media and find out which bars he would frequent, and during the weekends, you’re suddenly there too!

You attend his speaking engagements, read his books, and listen to his podcasts.

More of information from him that you adopt.

For a little while, this pattern continues.

But as every week passes, you sense something wrong.

You want to engage in an activity that you genuinely enjoy, but ask yourself, “Would he do this?” so you end up not doing it.

Your thoughts have recently been questions of, “Would he do this? Would he go here? What would he think?”

And it’s exhausting.

All you want is to be liked and respected.

How come it has to be so hard?

With a little tweaking here and there, it should be all set, right?

That’s where most people get it wrong.

Anybody can sense when you’re trying to be someone else.

But that shouldn’t matter, because what’s important is what you think about it.

You don’t feel genuine when you’re constantly copying someone else.

You’re a prisoner to your own negative thought.

It implies that who you are isn’t good enough.

Which is definitely false.

Because you are more than enough, and all you have to do is develop charismatic qualities while being true to yourself.

So yes, it’s possible to be charismatic and authentic at the same time.

Charisma is NOT about you or how you feel, but is all about how you make others feel.

How can you influence them when the moment you walk in they already feel animosity towards you?

Same thing when you walk in and they feel nothing.

Both scenarios still end with the same thing: you have no positive impact in any way.

As speakers, we have the privilege of possibly changing the minds of our audience.

The more they like and respect you, the more that your message will have more effectivity.

So, how do you develop charismatic speaking ability?


1. Have Confidence in Yourself.

You can sense when an individual is truly confident.

He doesn’t appear nervous, and recites his topic by heart.

You can tell by the way that he walks, talks, and takes over that stage that he is comfortable and at ease with himself.

He doesn’t sound like a robot spitting out words on automatic.

But don’t mistake this for simply “winging it.”

Confidence comes from preparation and practice.

It also comes from expecting that you will succeed.

Visualize your success.

Visualize that you know you will be the confident speaker that you are when you walk up to that stage.

There’s nothing embarrassing looking at the mirror every morning telling yourself that you’re a self-confident human being who can take on whatever the world throws at him.

Do it every day and believe it.

Fight off any negative thoughts because you know that you have prepared and practiced.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to listen to somebody as awesome as you are?


2. Know What You Are Talking About and Connect It with Your Audience.

How can you serve your audience when you don’t even know what you’re talking about?

Always know your stuff.

There is no such thing as too much research.

You never know what might come up in the questions.

Come up with the possible questions beforehand and provide simple but smart answers to them.

Yes, even the challenging ones that you think might be too ridiculous.

So do your homework but also don’t forget to make it valuable to any aspect of your audience’s lives.

Talk to them as if you were talking to friends.

Before any talk, always arrive early so you could check the place out but most importantly talk to members of the audience and find out why they are there.

So when you get up there, they’re not strangers anymore and you have a deeper understanding about them.


3. Don’t Be Afraid to Be Personal.

This one is strongly linked to the previous number because your stories will not be inspiring to them if they don’t see it as relevant to their lives.

Study the demographic of your audience.

Tailor your talk in a way that you’re reading their minds.

Or show them that you understand their feelings and what they’re going through.

Show them how they can have breakthroughs in their lives despite their situations.

If they’re university students, tell them stories about how their grades do not determine their success in life.

Tell them stories about how some individuals who changed the world didn’t have straight A’s or didn’t graduate with honors.

If they’re a mixed audience, find common ground and something generally relatable.

Better yet, share something that’s personal.

Audiences loosen up when the speaker isn’t afraid of being vulnerable.

It lets them know that they’re connected to a human being who isn’t afraid to be vocal about his mistakes.

When an audience is inspired, they will have motivation to do what they’ve never done before.

And it’s all because of the right things you said that day.


After applying all those above during your last talk , you give a huge sigh of happiness.

You’ve let the real you shine through, and it feels oh so good.

There was no need to copy anyone else after all.

Your charisma was always inside you, untapped.

And now you’ve discovered it and using it to unleash your potential.

Your life as a speaker will never be the same.


Who are the most charismatic speakers that you look up to?

Share your stories on the comments below!


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