About Nicah Caramba

Nicah Caramba is the founder of Today I'm Changing. She is an entrepreneur who is passionate about self-improvement, travel and Japanese food. She is constantly looking for ways to make progress daily to achieve personal growth that creates impact on others.
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Generation Gap? Figure Out How This Man Was Able to Speak to an Audience Half His Age but Still Had Them Engaged (Case Study)

2017-08-15T05:34:14+00:00 By |Categories: Case Study, Presentation Advice|

Have you ever tried talking to somebody outside of your age range and found it somehow difficult to relate to the conversation? Face it, as much as you think that we’re all human and have the same basic needs, etc., not everyone is on the same page as you are. More often than not, you don’t [...]

On Facing Your Fears and Living Life to the Fullest

2017-08-15T05:39:38+00:00 By |Categories: Confidence|

You know what? I’m proud of you. You want to know why? If you aren’t already a great speaker, then you’re actually attempting to be one by being here today reading this! You’re facing the number one fear in the world. Yes, public speaking IS the number one fear in the word, even more than death! [...]

From Zero to Hero: How a Man with No Public Speaking Experience Transformed into a Confident and Competent Speaker Today (Case Study)

2017-08-15T05:40:36+00:00 By |Categories: Case Study, Confidence, Presentation Advice|

Here’s a huge problem- Some people have amazing ideas of all sorts that could possibly change the world. BUT, they either don’t have the confidence to share it or don’t know what to do. And I’ll tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I want to show you how one self-improvement [...]

Building Momentum in Times of Comfort and Complacency

2017-08-15T05:45:33+00:00 By |Categories: Confidence|

So you’ve got it going, huh? You have speaking engagements here and there, and you’re standing in front of crowds much more than you’re used to. People are hearing about you, and you’re earning quite a good reputation for yourself. So you decide to take a short break from all the gigs. Just a short hiatus [...]