About Nicah Caramba

Nicah Caramba is the founder of Today I'm Changing. She is an entrepreneur who is passionate about self-improvement, travel and Japanese food. She is constantly looking for ways to make progress daily to achieve personal growth that creates impact on others.
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Do You Find Your Audience Always Falling Asleep or Looking Bored? Here’s How to Keep Them Engaged

2017-08-14T09:56:53+00:00 By |Categories: Presentation Advice|

What an exciting moment for you! You’re now doing another speaking engagement. You write your speech, rehearse, and then the big day arrives! As you climb up the stage and compose your thoughts, you can’t wait ‘til they hear all the valuable information you dedicated a huge chunk of your time to. You begin to present [...]

Don’t Make a Fool Out of Yourself: The Basic Do’s and Don’ts in Presenting

2017-08-14T10:00:05+00:00 By |Categories: Etiquette|

A few mistakes here and there are inevitable, but did you know that most of them can be avoided? If you’re well-prepared, you risk lower chances of these misfortunes happening. First impressions last, so put your bedst foot forward and give them a presentation they’ll never forget! I’m not saying don’t be yourself, but you [...]