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If you find yourself wondering,

“How do I express my ideas effectively to a group of people?”

“How do I stop boring people whenever I talk to them?”

“I want to get the attention of the VIPs here. How do I impress them?”

Then you’re in the right place.

I mentioned in my first post that ideas are born every day.

I’m positive that you have some of your own as well, whatever the subject may be.

What frustrates a lot of people is that they want to communicate their ideas and spread awareness.

But they just don’t know how.

Or they might do it okay, but never to its full potential and they end up not catching the attention of the key people they

want to share their ideas with.


I’m Nicah Caramba, the founder of Today I’m Changing, and I believe that whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur, a lawyer, or in any other field, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively to different groups of people is important to elevating your personal and professional life.

I know your ideas are great and deserve to be shared like other great ideas out there.


All my life I have always been asked to speak (and even perform) in front of audiences.

At the age of four, I was already singing praise songs in church and whenever they had a concert going on.

At six years old, I had my praise songs recorded on a CD and was distributed to everybody the church knew and family


Though I already had a CD, I was still asked to sing the same song in front. Prior to singing, they would ask me to

“share” about the blessings that I have received that week, every week.

At seven years old, my dad requested that I sing in restaurants.

Without hesitation, I would stand on top of dining tables and then pour my heart out into singing and not caring what

anybody thought.

Through the years, standing in front has desensitized me with crowds, whether it’s singing for church, presenting for

school, pitching business ideas in front of potential investors, or for other special occasions.

Although I still get nervous, thorough training has helped me to channel that feeling and turn it into excitement for the


Until today, I am still learning and would like to share every new lesson and discovery here.


I believe that each and every day is another opportunity to improve and a clean slate to start over.

If you screwed up yesterday trying to express your ideas, don’t fret.

Learn from it, and start again.

Life allows us to experience trials and errors to build us up and be the people who we’re meant to be.

Now I want to help you better express your incredible ideas and make you stand out the way you deserve to.



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